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Def. Theatre that is not afraid to break tradition in order achieve greatness.
Def. Theatre that is affordable, inclusive and welcoming to people from all backgrounds.
Def. Theatre that is free from censorship or discrimination and creates an environment where artists feel safe and supported.

10 Quick Facts About Me

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  1. Due to COVID-19, I am currently available for employment and excited to start a new adventure!

  2. The first show I ever saw was My Fair Lady, because my mother somehow came to the conclusion that it was well within the grasp of 3 year old. Legend has it, I did not talk through the entire show and sat dumbfounded for 10 minutes after that. It was the start of a beautiful love affair with theatre. 

  3. My biggest life goal, outside of my career, is owning a French Bulldog. I have a strategic 5 year plan set up and let me tell you,  2025 is gonna be a good year. 

  4. I love to collaborate. Working in a team and creating something new is what gets me out of bed in the morning. 

  5. I'm a book addict and I am running out of shelves in my apartment.  If you have book recommendations, please do not send them to me (but actually, send them to me). 

  6. I love directing and conceptualizing shows. My favorite experience (so far) was directing and self producing Medea set in a hysteria ward in the 1940s. All the of proceeds from the production went to an organization that supports maternal mental health. 

  7.  I started working in administration, because I realized I was just as passionate about the audience as I was about the art. I want to make theatre accessible and exciting for the next generation of theatre audiences and donors.

  8. The greatest day of my life was when I got to hold a baby penguin at the Pacific Aquarium. I peaked too soon. 

  9. I love to connect with other creative young professionals and share my own personal experiences through my blog. 

  10. I wake up everyday and feel blessed to work in an industry that has the potential to change the way people perceive the world and hopefully make it a little more beautiful. 

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Why I'm an Artist

As an artist I'm passionate about giving a voice to marginalized groups through familiar stories. 

The first time I found my voice as an artist was self-producing and directing a production of Medea set in a hysteria ward in the 1940's. The production showed Medea as a woman struggling with postpartum depression, who has been abandoned by her family in a hospital because she has become an inconvenience. I was inspired to create this production because maternal mental health is not talked about enough, even in today's more progressive society. All of the proceeds from the production went to an organization that supports maternal mental health by providing access to doctors, medication and childcare. I have never felt prouder than creating something that could potentially help women heal.

We all grew up listening to stories; it's what binds us together as a community. Theatre is distinctly special in its ability to bring a group of strangers together, for no other reason, than to simply listen to a story. In our fast-paced world where everyone has an opinion they want to share, we could all stand to listen a little more. I believe theatre can change people's perspectives and impact the way we interact with each other as a society. I want to produce and direct work that encourages audiences to consider the struggles outside of their personal experience and make a change. 

Why I'm an Administrator

 I believe theatre belongs to the people.

It is not something we as theatre artists and administrators are gracious enough to share with the masses.  The attitude that art is something elitist and self-important is something that absolutely must change if we are going to continue the tradition of theatre for the next generation. 

It's almost impossible for young professionals and lower income families to go to theatre. Speaking as a young professional myself, if I was going to buy a Broadway ticket today I would have to give up buying groceries for two weeks to afford it. Even if audiences are lucky enough to get through the door, the theatre itself can feel like a club you don't belong to. If you have no idea what the show is about or its history or how it could possibly apply to you, the entire experience can feel isolating and lonely. Why would anyone want to make the theatre part of their regular routine if it's inaccessible and unwelcoming? 

I'm passionate about giving theatre back to the people. That's why my work focuses on funding and elevating programs and initiatives that make theatre affordable; like under 30 passes, family access passes and student matinees. I'm enthusiastic about making educational lobby experiences and social media features that help educate and welcome audiences into the world of theatre so they can have the best experience possible. Let's give theatre back to the people. 

Self produce and direct 5 shows. 
Goal #3
Become a dog mom. 
Goal #1
Goal #2
Go to Graduate School for Arts Administration and Leadership.
Goal #4
Work as a freelance grant writer for artists and arts organizations. 
Goal #5
Secure a job as a producer and administrator. 

5 Goals for the Next 5 Years

Long Term Goals

Goal #1
Open a "pay what you can" theatre. 
Goal #2
Find a community to invest in as an artist and citizen
Goal #3
Teach at a University.
Goal #4
Create a fund for refugee artists.
Goal #5
Direct poignant reimaginings of Classic Theatre

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